An overview of Geography A-level.

The geography a-level is like the geography GCSE which hopefully (but necessary) you are doing at the moment. Only….

  • The workload increases by at least 50%.
  • You learn a whole new language.
  •  Your coursework is your own idea.
  • You have to complete 4 days of fieldwork.
  • So far we have covered hazards (including Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Tropical storms and Wildfires), The carbon cycle and the water cycle from which we went on a trip to the river Chess.
  • The timings of the exams are very precise and doing 20 markers in half an hour is not a walk in a park  (more like in hell).
  • When first starting to write essays you will not succeed in fact I have only just felt secure when writing questions.
  • There is a lot of hand-outs involved in fact I needed to get a large binder after 12 weeks.

However, if you are passionate about geography and enjoy the subject I would fully recommend you coming along to the taster sessions and maybe putting it down as one of your options. It really is fun and interesting though and I do not regret choosing it.



Author: Bethany Savage

I'm a sixth form student (year 12) at Abbeyfield school studying Geography, English literature and Media studies. My future career will hopefully be in geography from which my dream job will be studying volcanoes in Italy or Hawaii. Outside of school, I love to read and have considered a job in publishing/anything related to young adult fiction.

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