My First Piece of Coursework

Hi, guys. Welcome to my first ever blog on ALL. Hope that you are all doing okay? In this first post, I will be talking about the first piece of coursework that I have done in my first year doing the BTEC IT.

The piece of coursework that I had to do was to create a PowerPoint on the features of the different types of social media and how a business uses social media to their advantage. The first thing that I did was research the different statistics of  the six different social media platforms. They were Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube.This was really fun because I have learnt so much about the statistics of the different social media platforms. For example, there are 31 million people who use Facebook, 29% of the 15 million Twitter users check their Twitter Feed more than once a day.

The next thing that I had to research was the different type of people who use the six types of social media. So for Facebook, 51% of users are female so if a business were selling products that females like the business would use Facebook as an advertising method. Companies would also to communicate with the customers that have brought the product, who will give customer feedback.

In the next blog, I will be talking about the uses of social media to different business.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading!


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