The Male Gaze Theory

Currently, in media, we are learning more theories and revising theories we have already learnt, for our exam on the 18th may. The theories are pretty hard to learn however you can find little ways to remember them; I remembered and still remember that the male gaze theory by Laura Mulvey was made in 1974 because it’s a close date to the 1975 (band) which somehow, I don’t ever forget. Learning the theories is harder for me (I think) just because I have a few more to learn as I didn’t do media in year 10 or 11; A level was my first time.

We recently finished our coursework for this As, which was two magazine covers and a double page spread, that was pretty fun because you got to play around with photoshop, and all lessons for weeks were basically just doing that, and it was also fun because it was also a cool way of revising. Our research was to analyse covers and double page spreads which is a form of revising paper text in an exam.

Last week we got a homework which was to « Complete some textual analysis of the images on the PowerPoint in terms of age representation. » This was based on the movie « kidulthood », personally I really hate films like that, if you haven’t seen it or heard of it, it’s basically like an extreme version if skins in a movie, I liked skins when I watched it but I just feel uncomfortable watching anything like that now, or even seeing a trailer like that, probably just makes me feel ashamed or weirded out that there are people like that around, and that they’re basically children.

At home, we are supposed to revise, which I do and have been doing, but it’s just hard because there are A LOT or theories by A LOT of different people, with A LOT of different dates, however when you re read the same thing over you start to remember it more. I wish I could learn from flashcards, apparently, they’re helpful to ever, apart from me.


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