So, What Is Psychology? 

Psychology. So, what is it? 

Many will describe it as : The scientific study of the human mind and behaviour. 

Some are positive. 

The purpose of psychology is to give us a completely different idea of the things we know best.     

– Paul Valery

Some are negative. 

Idleness is the parent of psychology.     

– Friedrich Nietzsche

But ultimately, it is a personal choice. 

Psychology is, in my opinon, a great subject. A way to explore “Who Am I?” in an objective sense. It has clear real-world applications like therapy and how to make a better society for everyone. In this A level psychology course, we will study 6 “Key Questions” that allow us to see the importance of what we are studying.  

In the course, we cover sub-psychology topics. As we will discover- psychology discovers a WIDE range of topics. These topics are: 

  1. Social 
  2. Cognitive 
  3. Biology 
  4. Learning 
  5. Clinical 
  6. Criminology 

In this blog, I will focus on the first 4 topics that are covered in year 12. 

Social Psychology is the idea of individal effects due to social interations and activities. The focus, in this course, is on  prejudice and obedience. 

Cognitive Psychology is the study of the brain in relation to mental processes. The focus is on memory. 

Biological Psychology is the study of human behaviour in relation to things like hormones and neurotransmission. The main topic is aggression. 

Learning Psychology is the idea that experience and learning has long-term effects on behaviour and personality. 

Some of the topics we study within each section are…  


In this section you learn about: 


We look at case studies of amnesia (such as Clive Wearing) and how  memory works. 

FIG 1:



I found this topic highly intresting! You look at why people become aggressive, the nature-nurture debate and the effects of neutotransmitters and hormones.  One man we looked at was Charles Whitman- See: for a really fasinating documentary on the subject! 

We also cover freudian theory- which was one of my favourite topics. 

I am currently about to learn the “Psychology of Learning” so I will add a section on it soon! 

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, fell free to comment. 


FIG 1-


Author: Olivia Taylor

Hi! I’m Olivia. and I am here to tell you about everything Psychology. I study Biology, English Literature and, of course, Psychology at A level, which are all fantastic subjects to learn. I hope that through this blog I can show you a little bit about a subject that has always fascinated me. I am mainly known around the school for my win in the CET 2016 speech competition and my participation in Young Enterprise. I hope you enjoy my posts and I can help you discover if my subject is right for you!

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