Starting the new project!

Hi everyone!

As you can remember from my first post, I mentioned that we were just about to start our second project of the course, so over the Easter break, I have been doing some research into what I would like my theme to be over the next year.

I decided to go with the theme of ‘Environment’ because it is very broad and can encompass lots of things.

(Helpful Tip – If you want to do Art at A-Level, it is helpful to think of a theme that will take you in lots of different directions, this way you won’t get bored with focusing on just a few small areas)

Originally I wanted to go with the theme of ‘Figures’, as I found out that I was rather good at drawing them (check out the images above), but unfortunately I’m not so good at portraits, so I decided to steer away from that (it would look kind of weird to just have lots of figures without any faces… creepy). Anyway, I realised that ‘Environment’ gives me the opportunity to look at a wide range of things, including figures if I really wanted, and I also had the chance to make it more personal to me.

So, to start my research, I went out and about in my local area and around my house and took pictures. Lots of pictures. Pictures of everything. (I may have got slightly carried away – I felt like a professional photographer!) I chose to take pictures of my environments, the things within them, and the things that mean a lot to me. The reason for collecting lots of your own images is so that:

  1. You can show that you have used primary research in your work (your own images rather than ones from the internet)
  2. So that you have lots of inspiration when it comes to planning out the next few double pages in your sketchbook.

My next step was to think of questions that I could answer through research of my theme. I created a double page of these questions in my book, so that if at any stage in my project i get stuck on what to do next, I can always refer back to them to get the creative thinking flowing again.

Now I have my next few double pages planned out (because I’m just that organised) I can start getting to the fun part of drawing, painting, and getting messy with experimenting. First I’m going to focus on my Art environment, which is one that definitely means a lot to me, at school and at home, to show the differences and similarities between them, and to explain why they mean so much to me.

That’s it from me for today, I’ll be back in two weeks, (I’ll be posting every Week A Monday), but in the mean time, if you have any questions about Art at A-Level or would like to give any feedback about the blog, then please write in the comments section below and I will get back to you. Thanks guys!


Author: Jaz West

Hi, I’m Jaz! I am currently studying Art, Graphics and Maths at A-Level, all of which I am really enjoying. As you can probably tell by my choice of subjects, I am a very creative person, and I am here to help you find out more about Art. I will be explaining to you what Art at A-Level actually entails, and will give you updates on the fun things that we do in our lessons as the year progresses. I hope that my entries on this blog will show you that a Fine Art course isn’t just about painting still lifes and portraits, but that it’s a brilliant opportunity to try out new and exciting things, experimenting with different media, and gaining new skills that you will carry with you all the way to university. Enjoy!

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