Research for my personal project

Hey guys!

So I know that I’m a couple of weeks overdue for my next post, but it’s just been a hectic month what with other exams and stuff so I do apologise, but hopefully from here on out I will have a bit more time on my hands so I can post more frequently as I had planned.

Ok, so getting straight down to it, I last talked about how I had chosen the theme of environment for my personal study project, and that my next steps were to get on with doing some drawings that reflect which of my environments are important to me, and personally, I think that the results are awesome (if I do say so myself).

I had a lot of fun with the first experiment (black and white painting). I did this drawing from a photograph that I took of the equipment next to the sink in the art room, and used a technique called ‘impasto’, which means the ‘process of laying on paint or pigment thickly so that it stands out from a surface’.

(Helpful Tip – Always try to use the proper art terms when describing a piece of work, this skill will come in handy when you come to write your essay)

For this, I used only black and white acrylic paint, and I actually applied the paint using sticks! Like actual sticks from the garden! (I know… wild times right). I found that this was a really good way to produce a creative piece of work in a relatively short amount of time (which is a key thing for a perfectionist like myself). This experiment linked nicely to an artist called Frank Auerbach, who uses a lot of impasto in his work.

(Helpful Tip – Get into the habit of finding and linking an artist or two into every piece of work/double page that you produce. Showing that you are able to analyse other artists’ work and how they influenced you to create your own work is a very key aspect, as it is one of the four assessment objectives that your teachers will be looking for when marking your sketchbook)

Moving on, I decided next to focus on my garden environment. I did an oil painting of a pot of flowers that I took a picture of in my Nan’s garden. Now, due to the chosen media, it did take a ridiculously long time to complete, but in my opinion, it was well worth the time and the effort. As you can see above, i’ve put up an image of the real thing, alongside an image of my painting. So far, I’ve had lots of positive feedback from my close friends and family, but I would also love to hear what you guys think! (Any feedback is helpful, wether it’s positive or otherwise).

Well that’s it from me for today. As I said, I will try my best to post more frequently, but in the mean time, if there’s anything specific you would like me to write about or if you have any questions/comments about the work I’m doing, then please feel free to write in the comments section below. Bye guys!


Author: Jaz West

Hi, I’m Jaz! I am currently studying Art, Graphics and Maths at A-Level, all of which I am really enjoying. As you can probably tell by my choice of subjects, I am a very creative person, and I am here to help you find out more about Art. I will be explaining to you what Art at A-Level actually entails, and will give you updates on the fun things that we do in our lessons as the year progresses. I hope that my entries on this blog will show you that a Fine Art course isn’t just about painting still lifes and portraits, but that it’s a brilliant opportunity to try out new and exciting things, experimenting with different media, and gaining new skills that you will carry with you all the way to university. Enjoy!

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