Statistics Paper: Normal Distrubution

Maths currently is that interesting content wise and we are just about to finish Core 2, the last core module in the course. However; we are doing a lot of revision and past papers so I’ll go through what we need to know as a class and talk you through the content as the year goes on bit by bit.

The Paper

At the moments as a class, we have Statistics 1, one of the 3 modules we must do in year 12, as we have finished the course. In the paper, we had parts on every module in this course this included:

  • Numerical measure: Mean, Interquartile Range and Mode
  • Probability: The one I’m not that great at (I Think)
  • Binomial Distribution: Mostly probability using a cool bell curve and tree diagrams
  • Normal Distribution: Some more bell curves to talk about data
  • Confidence Intervals: Bell curves again but talking about the mean more than anything
  • Correlation and Regression: Lines of best fit and all that jazz

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