Abbeyfield’s Football Highlights

On Friday, the last day of term, Abbeyfield Sixth form had a football tournament.

Don’t give up

at half time.

Concentrate on winning

the second half.

– Paul Bryant

Read below for some opinions on the match!

Rhys Barnes (Head Boy): Player & Goal Keeper

What was your most memorable part of the match?

The most memorable part of the match for me was either getting kicked in the head or winning the final!

Who was the player of the tournament for you?

Player of the tournament was probably Tom Vaughan because of the amount of goals he scored!

And I would also add that Jed Richardson played really well as well as Matt Normington. 

Daisy Sexton: spectator

 My favourite part of the match was when Ope was trapped in the corner with the ball and he started shouting “let me go”. It was funny to watch and it was cool when they did good moves. I enjoyed watching it.

Andrew Groves: Player 

What was the best game of the tournament?

Probably the Davy and Cooper game, when Davy was making a substitution and Cooper scored, because it would’ve changed the whole finals!

Do you think Abbeyfield needs more sporting events?

Definitely because I think I’ve only been to around 5 events in about 6 years and I love competitions within the school. Maybe Abbeyfield needs a variety of events, because the same people always participate so it woould be better to get more people involved in something they enjoy! 

Jamie Culley (prefect): Referee

My favourite part of the match was Saleem tripping over the ball repeatedly! It would would be great to have more sporting events and increase participation, especially involving the girls. 

Matt Normington: Player

What was the most memorable part of the tournament for you?

For me, the most memorable part of the tournament had to be when I scored against Rhys Barnes. Everyone in the sixth form knows that he’s a sensational goalkeeper, so to be able to beat him was quite a good feeling, the result didn’t quite go our way but that made me happy.

Who was your man of the tournament?

I would have to say the man of the tournament was Tom Vaughan. He was everywhere. His venomous shots, passes that carved teams open and being able to track back, sit in defence and them come forward and join the attack, for me, made the difference and that stood out for me.

Was it a good match for you?

It was a good match. End to end football with good passing, many shots, good spells of possession. A great match for some real talent within the sixth form. Like I said the result didn’t go my teams way but the tenacity we showed was positive, but the other team were simply better on the day. 

Kingsley Abananne: player and goal keeper

What was your most memorable part of the match? 

The most memorable part was probably Max being hit by the ball! 

Who was your man of the match? 

Most certainly Tom, he always has a calm look on his face but, as a goal keeper, his shots pack a punch! 

Thank you and well done to all the players and participants. Especially a shout out to Tom Vaughen who was everyone’s clear man of the match! I would also like to mention Andrew Groves, who also played well and stood out to a lot of people.

Also, a big thank you to Rhys Barnes who organised and made the event possible. Finally, thank you all for your time and comments for this blog.


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