An overview of Geography A-level.

The geography a-level is like the geography GCSE which hopefully (but necessary) you are doing at the moment. Only….

  • The workload increases by at least 50%.
  • You learn a whole new language.
  •  Your coursework is your own idea.
  • You have to complete 4 days of fieldwork.
  • So far we have covered hazards (including Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Tropical storms and Wildfires), The carbon cycle and the water cycle from which we went on a trip to the river Chess.
  • The timings of the exams are very precise and doing 20 markers in half an hour is not a walk in a park  (more like in hell).
  • When first starting to write essays you will not succeed in fact I have only just felt secure when writing questions.
  • There is a lot of hand-outs involved in fact I needed to get a large binder after 12 weeks.

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Introduction to Art & design

Hi guys!

So as this is the first post for the Art & Design section, I thought I’d tell you what the A-Level Art course entails.

The course is made up of three projects:

  • Project 1 – September to February – for this first project, you are asked to respond to a ‘theme word’ by carrying out research in school and at home, and to develop and produce a piece of work in a choice of media
  • Project 2 – March to January – this is your biggest project and it is entirely up to you what you choose to base it on. For the first 6-8 weeks, you carry out research on your chosen theme in your sketchbooks, and from then on and over the summer, you focus on your essay, which is made up of a minimum of 1000 words and 8-12 artist copies that link to your project theme (this gives you a better understanding of the topic and will gain you new skills that are influenced by other artists
  • Project 3 – February to May – this final project is your exam. You will be issued with another ‘theme word’ by the exam board, to produce research and a final outcome for, however, this time when you produce your outcome, it will be under exam conditions and you will given a time limit of 15 hours

So that’s the breakdown of the course, and so far my class has just finished Project 1 and we are about to move on to Project 2.

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